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Company Timeline - 1994 Until Today


Rob and Beth


1994: Rob and Beth move back to VA from Seattle and incorporate RVWC.

ABC Board bet


Virginia ABC board takes bets on how long we’ll be in business!

MinivanBeth makes sales calls and delivers wine in the family minivan with kids in car seats. Warehouse is a 20x20 temp-controlled self-storage unit.
Rob juggling his careersRob keeps his “day job” with Westvaco and reviews inventory and places P.O.s while working in Covington, VA and traveling in Asia.
Carl PughAfter a couple of part-time sales and delivery disasters, Beth and Rob finally hire their 1st GREAT full-time employee: Carl Pugh.
new space1996: The company moves to an old hardware store (2000 sq ft) and eventually adds the mirrored dance studio next door (1500 sq ft).
New manager!Part-time office manager is hired.
Moving!Business office moves from a spare bedroom to the warehouse.
Rob delivering wine
1997: Rob finally leaves Westvaco and joins RVWC full-time, selling in Bath County, Lynchburg and Lexington.
Beth delivering wine
Beth continues to sell in Roanoke, Blacksburg and SW VA.


Existing staff calls a meeting to make Rob and Beth decide who will do what, since they keep contradicting each other.

Rob juggling his careersBeth manages office, warehouse and delivery operations and Rob manages purchasing, sales, marketing, and accounting.
We're moving again!2000: Beth starts looking for a larger space and RVWC moves again to a 1930s era Feed & Seed in Troutville.
More people hired!Beth and Rob continue hiring others to replace themselves in deliveries, sales, warehousing, customer service and accounting.
warehouse is full2003: Troutville warehouse is full; begin renting overflow space
they now have no lifeSummer 2006: Realizing they now have no life, (working 100-hrs+ per week) Beth and Rob establish a leadership team to begin training to take over day-to-day operations.
Fall 2006: First Leadership Team retreat is held and goals are set for 2007. Goal #1: find a larger warehouse. Goal #2: hire a General Manager 2007: General Manager is hired
Moving again!2008: RVWC moves to larger warehouse/office on Intervale Drive.
Leadership Team Rules!Jan. 1, 2010: As planned since 2006, Beth and Rob hand over day-to-day operations to the Leadership Team.