Spain, Montilla-Moriles
Founded in 1729, Bodegas Alvear is one the most prestigious and oldest family run wineries in the world. Focused on producing the finest wines in Andalucía from the Pedro Ximénez grape, the current 8th generation of the family upholds the tradition established by Diego de Alvear y Escalera several centuries ago. The Alvear family now owns 310 acres (125 Ha.) of vineyards located in the most famous pagos of la Sierra de Montilla, Moriles, and Las Puentes. The Alvear family also works with viticulturists that have traditional, long lasting relationships with the family. The primary vineyard is situated on the Alvear family estate. The location of the family’s Lagar de las Puentes, located inside the family’s vineyard, ensures that the grapes arrive to the processing facilities in optimal conditions.

Current Inventory
Alvear Amontillado Carlos VII NV (6-375ml)
Alvear Oloroso Asunción NV (6-375ml)
Alvear Pedro Ximenez de Anada 2015 (12-375ml)
Alvear Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927 NV (12-375ml)
Alvear Solera Cream NV (6-375ml)
Alvear Cream NV
Alvear Fino Montilla NV
Alvear Medium Dry NV
Alvear Pale Cream NV