Teso la Monja
Spain, Toro
Teso la Monja was founded by the fourth generation of the Eguren Family. The family fell in love with Toro more than 15 years ago, seduced by its prephylloxera vines. The family founded the winery determined to create elegant and pure wines that expressed the beauty of the terroir. The Eguren family and Jorge Ordóñez were the original founders of the project Bodegas Numanthia, which is responsible, along with their current work, for the resurrection of D.O. Toro as one of Spain's pre-eminent wine regions. Long ago, the town of Toro was famous for producing the finest red wine in Spain. Mentioned in the historic literature of Alfonso IX (King of León, 12th c.), Juan Ruiz the Archpriest of Hita, Quevedo, Luis de Góngora, and Miguel de Cervantes. In 14th Century Sevilla, the sale of any foreign wine was prohibited, save the wines of Toro. These wines accompanied Spanish explorers to the New World.

Current Inventory
Teso la Monja Toro Romanico 2015
Teso la Monja Toro Almirez 2015
Teso la Monja Toro Victorino 2014
Teso la Monja Toro Alabaster 2013