La Cana
Spain, Rias Baixas
La Caña is located in the Salnes Valley, in the most northern section of the D.O. Rias Baixas. The winery is located close to the Atlantic Ocean, in the town of Zamar, Pontevedra overlooking La Ría de Arousa and Villagarcia de Arousa. The vineyards are located in the towns of Xil and Castrelos, Province of Cambados- Pontevedra. Named for the straw-like canas (reeds or canes) that line the shores of the Atlantic inlets that carve into the granite coast of Galicia, the winery’s philosophy is to produce a traditional, authentic, and serious Albariño, in the style of the artisan wines that Ordóñez discovered when he first arrived in the appellation in 1991.

Current Inventory
La Cana Albarino Navia 2015
La Cana Albarino 2017