United States, Washington

Corvidae Wine is named after the family of birds that includes Ravens, Crows and Magpie that are ubiquitous in the broad wine growing region of Eastern Washington.  The owner, David O‚ÄôReilly (also owner of Owen Roe Winery), thought it to be an appropriate name because these birds are crafty, resourceful and opportunistic. The grapes that are sourced for these wines come from high-quality areas of Washington, but bought at favorable prices to bring to market a great bottle of wine at a great price.


Typically, six wines are made, including Mirth Chardonnay, Lenore Syrah, Rook CMS, The Keeper Cab Franc, Ravenna Riesling and Wise Guy Sauvignon Blanc. Limited quantities mean few are available year-round, as only enough wine is made based on the quality of the grapes that are purchased.

Current Inventory
Corvidae Chardonnay Mirth 2017
Corvidae Merlot The Rook 2017
Corvidae Syrah Lenore 2017