Domaine Serene
United States, Oregon
Green Status: Sustainable

We were involved quite early with Domaine Serene, just after they purchased their first winemaking facility—an old factory in little Carlton, OR—and began having wine made by Ken Wright.  We were allocated a small amount of 1991, and our representation of them began.  A few vintages later, Ken and the Evenstads went their separate ways, on good terms, and Domaine Serene hired their own full-time winemaker.


No winery that we represent has received as many accolades from the press.  It is written all over their website—the press loves to taste these wines and mark them with high scores.  Domaine Serene was early into Chardonnay, and made one of the first truly profound Chardonnays in Oregon.  As for Pinot Noir—well, perhaps there is no better known high-end Pinot Noir from Oregon than Domaine Serene.  For a restaurant wanting the wine to fly off the list because of brand prestige, Domaine Serene is number one among the 700 or so wineries in Oregon.


The estate is gorgeous and no expense has been spared to make Domaine Serene into a showpiece for what can be created in Oregon.

Current Inventory
Domaine Serene Rose NV
Domaine Serene Pinot Noir Yamhill Cuvee 2015
Domaine Serene Pinot Noir Evenstad Reserve 2015 (6pk)
Domaine Serene Coeur Blanc 2015 (6pk)
Domaine Serene Chardonnay Evenstad Reserve 2016 (6pk)
Domaine Serene Grand Cheval Red 2015 (6pk)