Ebony Wines
United States, Oregon

Ebony Wines is a small family-owned and operated winery created by Chris Mazepink, the former Shea Wine Cellars winemaker. Chris moved on to the position of Winemaker and General Manager of Archery Summit Winery, and started his own family project called Ebony.  We knew Chris through our days working with Shea, and we were quick to come on board when he began Ebony.


The wines are made in tiny quantities:  between 100 and 200 cases of Pinot Noir from the Olenik Vineyard and between 200 and 300 cases of his Willamette Valley Chardonnay “Hive”. 


Chris believes, as many of us do, that Oregon Chardonnay eventually will be heralded as the best in America.  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay normally grow well in the same climate, and Oregon’s cool climate (warming, but still relatively cool) means that the area is capable of more than just world-class Pinot Noir.  Everyone else seems to be onboard with Pinot Noir, so Chris is taking a different direction and putting his money on Chardonnay. 


If you’ve tasted top Chardonnay from Oregon (Ebony, Cameron, Crowley, Brick House, Belle Pente, Goodfellow, JK Carriere), you’ll know what we mean.


Chris purchased an available block tucked into the most expensive land in the Dundee Hills, located between Domaine Drouhin and Archery Summit, and has planted it to Chardonnay.  Some might consider him mad, but we think he’s on the right path.  He plans to increase Chardonnay production of Hive as he can build the brand, and we are delighted to assist.