Elk Cove
United States, Oregon

Elk Cove was a pioneer in Oregon viticulture and enology and they had been on our watch list for a long time.  When the second generation moved into place, in the form of winemaker Adam Campbell, we hopped aboard.  The improvement in winemaking since about 2007 has been astounding.  And with old vineyards planted in the 70s to combine with Adam’s gifted hand, the wines have been among the best in Oregon, particularly considering that Elk Cove is larger than most of the wineries in the region.


Under Adam’s lead, Elk Cove has acquired additional vineyards in other AVAs as well as their own (Yamhill Carlton) to support their single-vineyard wine projects as well as add complexity to their blends.  Their Pinot Gris is considered by many to be the top Pinot Gris from Oregon, period.


Elk Cove, though not certified organic, has very sustainable practices that are to admired:  Salmon Safe, cover crops, water runoff control, solar panels, paying living wages…on and on, they show the style of corporate behavior that we wish everyone followed.