Italy, Veneto

The Pasqua Family has been making wine near Verona, in the Veneto, since 1925.  We had been talking to them for several years about working with them, but there were franchise issues in Virginia and it took awhile to get them registered to us.  Since that time, they have become one of our most important Italian suppliers.  Though fairly large, Pasqua produces wine of great value and certainly over deliver in quality.  When the family moved Riccardo Pasqua to New York to really set the American market into motion, the packaging changed for the better and the sales went exponential.


We buy Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, a sparkling wine called Setteventiquattro, Amarone, and a blend called Passimento.  We also do private label with them called Montevento.  In years to come, I’m sure we’ll continue to build on what we’re already representing, as the Pasqua family is the type of supplier with whom we tend to grow.


In Italian, Pasqua means “Easter”.