Les Heretiques
France, Languedoc
Les Heretiques was a project that Louis/Dressner Selections encouraged Andre Iche of Chateau d’Oupia to produce.  Made of wonderfully old hillside planted carignan, Les Heretiques quickly became a favorite in wine shops and restaurants all over the U.S.   Andre, unfortunately, passed away in 2007, but with the help of an enologist, his daughter continues to produce this special wine.   The Languedoc is chock full of great bargains in wines, particularly of red varieties.  However, too much old carignan planted in places like Corbieres and Minervois were ripped up so that more fashionable grapes like Cabernet and Syrah could be planted.  What a travesty!  Les Heretiques gives our customers the opportunity to drink an original:  an old indigenous French varietal grown on the same ground where it had succeeded for centuries.