Gabriele Rausse
United States, Virginia
Gabriele Rausse could easily be called the father of the Virginia wine industry.  After being placed at Barboursville as its first winemaker, directly from Italy, Gabriele later consulted for some of the biggest names in the Virginia wine industry and later started his own small winery.  It is at his own winery that he produces wine his way:  wines of character, more than muscle wines.  The wines truly reflect the terroir of the Virginia vineyards and are best matched with food.  We are very honored to represent the wines from Virginia‚Äôs first winemaker.

Current Inventory
Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Sauvignon NV
Gabriele Rausse Merlot 2014
Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Franc 2015
Gabriele Rausse Chardonnay 2015
Gabriele Rausse Viognier 2015
Gabriele Rausse Cabernet Piggott Vineyard 2014