Gilles Morat
France, Burgundy

We have been working with Gilles Morat and his Pouilly-Fuisses since 2007.  Situated near the village of Vergisson, the winery has a fabulous view of both the rocks of Solutre and Vergission, perched on the edge of a hillside.  Gilles is truly an artisan, as he farms 17 Pouilly Fuisse parcels and one St Veran parcel across a total of six hectares.  The minerality of the soil have an incredible expression in his wines. 


Organic viticulture (not certified) including no use of insecticides, and hand-harvesting, plus indigenous ferments and natural winemaking allow Gilles to make exquisite Pouilly-Fuisse in four different cuvees.  We buy two (although we would love to drink all four).  Tasting them side-by-side really shows why he makes the different cuvees as the expression of the land is so different in each.

Current Inventory
Gilles Morat Pouilly Fuisse 2016