Germany, Rheinhessen

Johannes Hasselbach’s ancestor began Gunderloch in 1890.  The steep vineyards along the Rhein, near Frankfurt and Mainz, are 85% planted to Riesling, and Gunderloch is the undisputed champion of the Rheinhessen. 


Fritz, Johannes’ father, has always been a pioneer, and his confident push into better quality, combined with the quality of the Gunderloch vineyards has kept the property ahead of the competition.  Fritz was a leader in the switch to screw-cap enclosures as he thought it better for the wine in the long term, and there were many fights along the way with others in Germany who thought that the trend was going too fast ahead of the research.  Now that others have followed, Fritz has proven that his was the right direction.


Gunderloch produces more sublime wines than can be named.  If there is any property whose brand can be a sign of top quality, it’s Gunderloch.  Gunderloch is part of the Rudi Wiest Selections of top German estates.

Current Inventory
Gunderloch Estate Riesling Spatlese 2015