Australia, Eden Valley

Henschke is a South Australia winery and part of the Negociants USA portfolio of wines.  Stephen and Prue Henschke, fifth generation owners/winemakers/viticulturists, operate one of the top wineries in all of Australia.  Their son, Johann, is gradually taking over the operation (along with two siblings) as the sixth generation.  The Hill of Grace Vineyard is perhaps the rarest, most sought-after Australian wine of all. 


In 1860, Stephen Henschke great-great grandfather began the plantings that would later be named Hill of Grace.  In all those years, the Henschkes have added to their holdings, and now they work in one of the cooler places in the warm South Australia state:  Eden Valley.  It is the location for not only Hill of Grace, but also Mount Edelstone and Eden Valley Vineyards.  The relatively high rainfall allows for most of their vineyard land to be dry farmed, whereas most everything else in South Australia is irrigated. 


Organic and biodynamic practices are in place, and they have been pre-certified for organic viticulture.  Stephen says that they have always operated by phases in the moon cycle, a cornerstone of the biodynamic rulebook.  Prue is working harder to find alternatives to the modern way of using chemicals in the vineyard to treat vine disease and harmful bugs.  All the wines fetch high prices, just as the best of California, Italy or France all command the same.

Current Inventory
Henschke Henry's Seven 2014 (6pk)