Il Chiosso
Italy, Piedmont
Green Status: Sustainable

Il Chiosso :


Il Chiosso is a relatively new brand (2007) but the two families who own and operate this cantina have been making wines under private names for many years.  Il Chiosso is the same as “Le Clos” in French, or a walled vineyard.  In fact, one of the prized vineyards for them carries that name.  It is located in the Alto Piemonte, or High Piedmont, in the part northwest Italy, not too far to the west from Milan.  The wines produced fall in the famed DOCs and DOCGs of Ghemme, Gattinara and Fara.  With climate change, the wines from these areas are become more interesting for export, as the nebbiolo and vespolina can achieve full physiological ripeness almost every year.


True story:  on our first to the winery, it was recommended that we try a small restaurant in the village before our winery tour, and the restaurateurs offered up some beautiful local truffles as an add-on option.  We splurged and felt pretty happy about the whole thing until we later learned that the winery was picking up the entire bill.  We still feel (a little) guilty.


Il Chiosso’s agent in USA is Vias Imports, whom we proudly represent.  

Current Inventory
Il Chiosso Fara 2015 (6pk)
Il Chiosso Gattinara 2011 (6pk)
Il Chiosso Ghemme 2009 (6pk)