Italy, Umbria
Green Status: Sustainable

The Argillae estate is a 262 hectare parcel in the Orvieto region of Umbria, in central Italy. The name comes from the ancient soil on which it sits, a mixture of clay and sand, and dates back two million years. The owners of Argillae also own the Corte dei Papi estate in the Cesanese del Piglio area of Lazio, not far from Rome. This winery is part of the Vias Imports portfolio.


Seventy hectares of Argillae are under vine, and several varietals are grown there. For our purposes, the two most important are indigenous to the area: grechetto and procanico. Another eleven hectares are reserved for Argillae’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and the remainder of the farm is used for other crops, a healthy, common practice in Italy. All harvesting is done by hand.


The Orvieto DOC is a blend of procanico, grechetto, malvasia, chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. The Grechetto IGT is 100% varietal.

Current Inventory
Argillae Orvieto 2017