Jean Marc Burgaud
France, Beaujolais

We began working with Jean-Marc Burgaud many years ago, when he was working with a national importer.  Like many others, he realized that he could control where his wines were sent, as well as get the price to market as a more favorable price, if he worked directly with us.  We are very happy to have worked with Jean-Marc since about 2008 in this manner.


Within the crus of Beaujolais, Morgon stands out as one of the top two or three villages for the highest quality.  Within Morgon, the Cote de Py vineyard is known as the best of all the vineyards.  Jean-Marc controls a section of the Cote de Py that is on the very top of the hill and just down the beginning of the slope.  The soil is thin and stony, and the land naturally stresses the vines.  The result are Morgons with intense structure, heady aromas and incredible complexity. 


We feel that great cru Beaujolais, like those of Burgaud, are the most unappreciated, and therefore the best bargains of all wines in the world.  Everyone should drink more great Beaujolais!