Portugal, Douro



Madeira, in many ways, could be considered the truly American wine.  At the end of War of Independence, in 1781, our trade routes for importing the wines that we craved were largely cut of because Mother England controlled most of those routes and commanded the high seas with their impressive navy and commercial ships.  However, there was one beverage that could move on American ships, and that was Madeira, and Madeira became the ultimate American drink until Prohibition.  These days, there just aren’t many Madeira producers around but Leacock’s is one of them.  We have been selling Leacock’s Rainwater Madeira successfully for almost all of the time we have been in business.


The term “Rainwater” quite possibly is an accident of history whereby a batch of Madeira was diluted with water, and the drinkers preferred its lighter, most elegant taste to others that they had been previously drinker. 


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