United States, Oregon
Green Status: Deep Roots Coalition

Matello and Goodfellow Family wines of Oregon are both projects of Marcus Goodfellow and Gaironn Poole, partners at home and at work.  Marcus is a master of showing expression of site in his wines, and he takes this to its limit, as he makes many small bottlings of particular wines where he sees it warrants it.


His major vineyard sources are Whistling Ridge, Durant, Deux Verts and Bishop Creek.  His ability to master the difficult Whistling Ridge Vineyard in Ribbon Ridge (adjacent to both Beaux Freres and Patricia Green Vineyards).  The wines, both red and white, are sublime, and it’s a vineyard that has frustrated other talented winemakers.


In 2014, Marcus and Gaironn created the Goodfellow Family brand to help diffuse the confusion over the Matello name.  Henceforth, Matello wines will be for one particular type of brand and Goodfellow for the other.  With Matello, Marcus can continue to do his crazy and wonderful expressions with the likes of Whistling Ridge White and Clover.  The Goodfellow wines are Pinot Gris and an assortment of single-vineyard Pinot Noirs.  Marcus’ wines age beautifully and some bottle age will help bring the wines together.