France, Loire

We began working with Maison Foucher Lebrun shortly after Jean Mounard joined the winery in 2009. Monsieur Mounard is a well-known wine broker in Paris, and his involvement has raised the quality of these Loire wines to a level that is amazing, while maintaining the reasonable prices.


Maison Foucher Lebrun was established in the 1920s by Paulin Lebrun to supply bulk wine to local restaurants. It took another turn in the 1950s when Monsieur Lebrun’s son-in-law, Raymond Foucher, came on board and began to bottle the production. In 1985, management of the property was handed over to Jacky Foucher, Raymond’s son. Jean Mounard was brought in when the family developed an interest in making Maison Foucher Lebrun an exportable product.


RVWC’s success began with the brand from the moment the first shipment landed in the warehouse. Francophiles at heart, we frustratingly struggled with selling well-made Saumur, Chinon and Sancerre from well-known agents over the years. However, the quality of the Foucher Lebrun wines, combined with the super price points, caused an immediate stir and the wines began to show up on by-the-glass lists all over Virginia and Washington, DC. Consider Foucher Lebrun to be a “Petit Negociant” who just does it better than others. The proof of the value is in the bottle and on the invoice.

Current Inventory
Foucher Chardonnay Petit Le Mont 2018
Foucher Chinon La Vigne En Veron Red 2018
Foucher Sancerre Blanc Le Mont 2018
Foucher Sauvignon Touraine Les Jarriers White 2018
Foucher Vouvray La Vigne Des Sablons White 2018
Foucher Muscadet Sevre & Maine l'Augellerie 2018