Badger Mountain
United States, Washington
Green Status: Organic

Badger Mountain Vineyards was the first winery in Washington state to be certified organic (in 1990), well before anyone really cared. Many others followed. Badger Mountain Vineyards also was the first to employ the idea of “NSA”, or “no sulfites added” in part of their lineup of bottlings.  


Bill Powers and his son Greg planted these vineyards together in the late 1980s. Bill was a lifelong farmer, originally from Oklahoma, who had worked the land in Washington many years prior to starting in the grape growing and winemaking business. Bill passed away in September, 2014, but Greg carries on the legacy.


The winery also produces the wines for the Powers wine brand. These wines are mostly from grapes sourced from other vineyards. We have found them to be an important part of our book for the value they offer, both in bottle and in BIB (bag-in-box) packaging.