France, Champagne

The historic vineyards of Champagne Michel Arnould were originally farmed in the late 1800s, with the grapes sold to the larger Grand Marques Champagne houses in Verzenay that owned a press. Most of the harvest went to Bollinger.


The family inherited 14 hectares of Grand Cru vines, 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, in Verzenay, one of the most important villages for top-quality Grower Champagne, and decided to make their own wine, and invest in the needed equipment in the late 1920s. They began selling the Grand Cru Champagne in 1930, then after World War II, they entered into the distribution business, selling and delivering cases out of the back of an old Citroen KZ.


As a family-owned business ourselves, we find that work ethic right in line with our own!  Our very own Tom Bjornsen discovered Champagne Michel Arnould in his efforts to establish then expand RVWC’s Grower Champagne portfolio. We’ve been working with the wines since 2006.


Michel Arnould’s son, Patrick, runs the winery now with his brother-in-law, Thierry.  We are very honored to represent these wonderful Champagnes.  Like our other Champagne producers, we work directly with the property, saving the normal 30% markup of an agent.  These Grand Cru wines come to market, therefore, at a much more favorable price than agency Champagnes.