Germany, Mosel

Monchhof Winery, in the middle Mosel of Germany, is one of the most outstanding properties in all of Germany.  Robert Eymael has been the owner and winemaker since 1994, and is the sixth generation in his family to operate the winery since it was purchased at auction in Paris from Napoleon in 1804. 


Robert owns extensive vineyard property in three of the most famous of the Mosel Grand Cru vineyards:  Urziger Wurzgarten (spice garden), Erdener Treppchen (little steps) and the most highly renowned, Erdener Pralat.  At the bottom of his property, next to the roadway, sits a Roman press that was discovered when the vineyard was being restructured to prevent erosion.  The vineyard is so steep that there is a tram installed so that the workers can go up and down.  It isn’t a great place to slip and fall!


The wines are some of the most written about in the press.  He makes wines from entry level (Estate Riesling) all the way to TBA and ice wine.  The terroir of these three properties are very expressive in the wines and we love to sell them.


Monchhof is part of the Rudi Wiest Selections portfolio of German wines.

Current Inventory
Monchhof Riesling Spatlese Moselslate 2015
Monchhof Riesling Estate 2016
Monchhof Riesling Auslese Erdener Pralat 2016 (6pk)
Monchhof Riesling Kabinett Urziger Wurzgarten 2016
Monchhof Riesling Estate 2017