Italy, Puglia

The Pasqua Family of Verona is a close-knit group with whom we connected immediately.  (Pasqua means “Easter”) This big friendly Italian family is delightful to work with, has a long history of maintaining high quality wines and is especially responsive to market trends and needs in their domestic and export markets.  We met the Pasquas in Italy in about 2003 and forged a relationship that has resulted in a lot of success for us, and hopefully, for them.  Over these years, we’ve continued looking for new products that would make sense for our book.


Montevento was a brand that Famiglia Pasqua and Roanoke Valley Wine Company created a few years ago to represent Malvasia from Puglia (in the heel of Italy) and Montepulciano from Abruzzo.  The Pasqua family controls vineyard land in both areas (and in other regions of  Italy) that allow them to venture outside of the Veneto’s Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Valpolicella and Amarone for which they are so famous. 


Both Monteventos are delicious wines that make profitable glass pours in restaurants and a great “Tuesday evening wine” bought off a case stack in a retail shop.  Both represent examples of why southern Italy offers so many bargains that a wine consumer can enjoy really great wine at any price. 


Montevento wines are finished with a screw cap for easy opening. No corkscrew necessary for that picnic!

Current Inventory
Montevento Malvasia di Puglia 2018
Montevento Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2018