United States, Oregon
Green Status: Biodynamic

There is no winery that we are more excited to talk about than Montinore.  Why?  Rudy Marchesi began consulting for this winery in the 90s—the winery had lost its direction and was producing some pretty pedestrian wines.  Rudi first consulted, then took over operations, and finally, in 2005, he bought the winery from the founders.  Over the next few years, he transformed it into a well-managed, 235 acre Biodynamically and Organically-Certified vineyard.


Sales were so poor in the early years that most of the fruit was sold to others.  Fast forward to the present day, and Rudy must purchase fruit from others to supplement his own.  His creation of Borealis was the final piece of the puzzle of dealing with the low price of Muller Thurgau in the market, while at the same time producing a wildly popular and delicious white blend.  We admire so much what he has done at Montinore in these few years and are so happy to represent these wines.


For the curious:  it’s “mon-ti-nor”, and not “mon-ti-noree”.  It’s a combination of the state names “Montana” and “Oregon”.

Current Inventory
Montinore Borealis NV
Montinore Pinot Noir Reserve 2015
Montinore Riesling Almost Dry 2016
Montinore Pinot Noir 2017
Montinore Pinot Gris 2017