Italy, Alto Adige
Green Status: Sustainable

Pacherhof :


Pacherhof ’s wine-growing estate is located in Neustift (Novacella in Italian), in the gorgeous Eisack valley, slightly higher than Brixen (Bressanone) , in the Alto Adige region of Italy.  For many, it is called the Sud Tirol, since German is the first language.  The historic Pacherhof vineyard is property of the Huber family since 1142. Cellar master Andreas Huber cultivates excellent white grape varieties, pressing them in his own cellar, on 8 hectares of land. Huber’s belief is that it is best to retain the characteristics of the vine and the soil in his wines and to tamper with them as little as possible.


The germanic varieties Kerner, Grü ner Veltliner, M üller Thurgau, Sylvaner and Riesling are what truly offer a profile that perfectly fits to the Eisack valley. Here they find a unique terroir and are therefore considered some of the world’s most renowned white wines.  Herr Huber also produces wonderful Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer.


The Huber family also have available a very comfortable bed-and-breakfast available to the public, and its hillside location allow for a beautiful view of the entire valley.


Pacherhof’s agent in the USA is Vias Imports, whom we proudly represent.


Current Inventory
Pacherhof Pinot Grigio 2017
Pacherhof Kerner 2017