France, Loire
Green Status: Organic

We have been representing the wines from Domaine de la Pepiere and owner/winemaker Marc Ollivier since the beginning of our company.  We have seen Marc go from a little producer doing crazy, wonderful things in a land with a reputation of producing cheap plonk, to a worldwide rockstar.  Over the years, he has carefully added to his land holdings and now he is producing a number of wines, most based on Melon de Bourgogne, and people visit him as if on a pilgrimage.  And he deserves it all.


Yes, he is organic, and he is on his way toward biodynamic certification.  Yes, he was among the first to return to hand harvesting and a big proponent, early on, in the use of massale in vine propagation.  He was among the first to return to indigenous fermentation of the grapes.  Humble, sweet, bearded Marc with the twinkling eyes might just seem like a jolly rural winemaker, but he is indeed a winemaking legend now.  We are honored to represent his wines.


Domaine de la Pepiere is part of the Louis/Dressner Selections portfolio of French and Italian wines.