Peter Franus
United States, California
Green Status: Organic

Peter Franus called us one day about representing his wines.  I have no memory of how he found out about us.  But the contact was fortuitous as it has been as good a relationship as we’ve had with any winemaker.  It’s simple:  Peter makes great Napa Valley wine at reasonable prices, and he comes to the market a couple of times of year with his wife, Deanne, and they support our sales team.  The sales team adores them.  Our customers adore them.  We sell lots and lots of Peter’s wine. 


Peter makes several different bottlings, but perhaps he is best known for his Zinfandels and his Cabernets.  All of them seem to sell well for us—that’s what happens when the name on the bottle gets associated with such high quality.

Current Inventory
Peter Franus Red Wine Napa 2014 (6pk)
Peter Franus Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
Peter Franus Chardonnay 2016
Peter Franus Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Peter Franus SGM Red Hills 2014
Peter Franus Zinfandel Napa 2014
Peter Franus Zinfandel Brandlin 25th Anniversary 2015
Peter Franus Merlot 2016