Pewsey Vale
Australia, Coonawarra

Pewsey Vale makes wine from one grape:  Riesling.  The vineyard was purchased in 1961 by the Hill Smith family of Yalumba and using cuttings from the first vineyard, it was developed into one of the top sites for Riesling in Australia.  The winemaker, Louisa Rose, has been in charge of the white wine program at Yalumba’s properties since about 1996.  The viticulturist, Darrell Kruger, has been farming the site since 1975.


Eden Valley is a microclimate within the greater Barossa Valley.  It is higher elevation than the main valley floor, and the site is cooler and wetter than most of the rest of the area.  This allows Riesling to flourish.


Pewsey Vale Riesling has been a big seller for us for many years.  We are proud to represent it in our portfolio.


Pewsey Vale is part of the Negociants USA portfolio of Australian and New Zealand wines.

Current Inventory
Pewsey Vale Riesling 2015