France, Languedoc

Prochaine Chardonnay and winemaker Thierry Rodriquez have a long history with Roanoke Valley Wine Company. We worked with Thierry Rodriquez many years before, when he was making a private label for an agent with whom we had a relationship. The agent moved his chardonnay production to another property, we stopped working with the agent, and we thought Thierry’s Chardonnay was lost to us. Then one year, Rob happened ran into him in southern France by coincidence, (it actually happens a lot) and asked what he was doing with the delicious wine that he used to sell to the agency.  “Still make it,” he said, “you want it?”


So now we needed to figure out what to do with this wonderful Chardonnay from the Languedoc.  We started from scratch, registered the trademark on the Prochaine name (“next” in French), had an artist and graphic designer in Oregon work together on what we wanted to have on the label and Prochaine was born.  The crazy drawing on the label is an inside joke. Ask your sales reps about it!


Prochaine Chardonnay isn’t trying to be Chablis or Macon or Puligny-Montrachet, with their bracing acidity, long finish, and streak of minerality.  It is a ripe, delicious Chardonnay from a warmer climate that comes closer to examples in California or Australia.  Think tropical, think lower acidity.  This is the kind of Chardonnay that most Americans want at a reception when there’s a lot of standing and talking and drinking and not as much eating and pondering.  We work hard to keep the price low enough so that you can enjoy it anytime you want.  For some, it’s the only type of Chardonnay that they want, and that’s great.  We’ll keep it coming.

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