Italy, Sicily
Green Status: Organic

Purato is a line of certified organic wines from Vittoria in southern Sicily.  The vineyards and winery have undergone strenuous controls into to obtain organic certification from Bioagricert, whose certifications are recognized in the United States.


The estate’s soil consists of a layer of light, red, sandy loam (terra rossa) resting on top of a limestone base, which helps retain vital water.  In order to preserve this rich terroir, only natural techniques are used to assist cultivation.  In addition, only natural fertilizers are used to avoid introducing chemicals into the topsoil.  Subterranean irrigation is utilized to prevent evaporation, thereby maximizing water efficiency.


To further emphasize Purato’s commitment to the stewardship of Sicily’ s land, Purato ’s packaging is entirely eco-friendly; labels are made using recycled paper and vegetable dyes, cartons are made from recycled paper and the bottles are 85% recycled glass.


Purato is part of the Vias Imports portfolio of Italian wines.

Current Inventory
Purato Organic Pinot Grigio 2017
Purato Organic Rose 2017
Purato Organic Nero dAvola 2017