Quinta do Infantado
Portugal, Douro
Green Status: Organic

Quinta do Infantado has been a leader in estate-bottled Ports since 1979. Until that time, all exported Ports had to be shipped in bulk to Vila Nova de Gaia, 60 miles west of the Douro Valley, where they were bottled and shipped. This practice effectively prevented small private producers from exporting their wines, since the cost of running an operation in another town was prohibitive for these vineyard owners. In 1986 the laws were changed.

The Quinta is based in Pinh ã o, specifically in the subdistrict of Gontelho where the best Port vineyards may be found. The estate has been owned by the Roseira family since the end of the 19th century and is now managed by brother and sister, Jo ã o Roseira, vineyard manager/winemaker, and Catherine Roseira, Chief Executive. The vineyards (terraced, very steep and hard-soiled) are worked in traditional methods.

We had the opportunity to visit Jo ã o in February of 2015.  We walked the steep hillsides near the winery and observed his organic viticulture and care of the land.  We would put these wines up against any of the great names of Porto for their structure, complexity and richness.  In fact, we would encourage anyone to do just that:  open a “famous” bottle from a famous port house next to a Quinta do Infantado bottling of the same type and behold the surprise that awaits you!