Ranga Ranga
New Zealand, Marlborough


Barker’s Marque is a wine project led by winemaker Simon Barker in New Zealand and his brother Ed Barker and partner Gillette Johnson here in the US.  Barker’s Marque is dedicated to Single Vineyard Estate grown Sauvignon Blanc.


We currently represent three sauvignon blancs made at the property:

ARONA  is the riper, more tropical and exotic side of Barker’s Marque. It features a wide spectrum of flavors. Ripe stone-fruit and pineapple with lifted floral notes filling out the edges.


ranga.ranga  is the more classic New Zealand sb- crisp citric flavors carry a solid core of lemon grass, lime zest, the tang of cut lawn, plus a hint of dried herbs and a touch of Awatere minerality.  And it packs a fresh, zingy punch on the finish that makes it stand out from the crowd.


THREE   BROOMS  lives on the top floor- Lower yields, French yeast, long and very cold fermentation and our version of battonage produce a wine of lush flavors, true elegance, varietal definition, classic Awatere minerality and a weighty mid-palate.  Late harvesting means more hang time in the long fall evenings and larger diurnal temperature differences, both of which help this wine develop its complex palette.

Current Inventory
Ranga Ranga Sauvignon Blanc 2017