France, Provence

In 1992, Philippe Bieler, father of Charles Bieler (Charles & Charles, Three Thieves, Joel Gott, Gotham Project) founded the estate of Chateau Routas in Provence.  A year later, the area received an official Coteaux de Varois AOC designation from the French government.  Chateau Routas quickly became associated with among the best rose’ in the world though at a much more affordable price as compared to Domaine Ott or Domaine Tempier.


Charles helped his father expand his business in the US market, and Routas became the top-selling rose’ here, considerably before rose’ became as popular as it now is.


In 2005, Philippe sold the property to Sir David Murray of Scotland, who operates it now. 


Our sales team had the fortune of staying at Chateau Routas in 2002 and following a truffle dog around while he found us a big bag of truffles to enjoy that evening!

Current Inventory
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