United States, Oregon
Green Status: Sustainable

Jerry Sass approached me (Rob) shortly after we started.  He had heard about this distributor who was popularizing Oregon wines in the east and asked what I thought of the samples he had sent.  I loved the wines, but I didn’t like the name or the label (Wild Winds Winery).  “Sorry”, I said.


Jerry called me back six months or a year later and said he had changed the name of his winery and his label for me.  “Now will you represent my wines?”


Jerry and his family, over the years, has become a close member of our family.  We love selling his wines and we often help with harvest.  But most important is our close relationship, as we value that above all else.  If you come to Oregon during harvest, head down to the South Salem Hills and you’ll likely find us working the sorting line.

Current Inventory
Sass Pinot Noir 2016
Sass Pinot Noir 2017