Italy, Tuscany

Our Secolo XIV Chianti is a creation between Luca Botter of Casa Vinicola Botter in the Veneto and Roanoke Valley Wine Company.  For years, our company had struggled to find a well-made and high-value Chianti that wasn’t poorly stored, or just plain dried out or oxidized.  Luca Botter has enough connections and controls enough vineyard land in Italy that he was able to put this bottling together for us to have it available by-the-glass in restaurants or stacked in retail shops for any evening in your home.


Secolo XIV Chianti is trying to be nothing more than a well-made Chianti at a price you can enjoy without breaking the bank.  We’ll do our best to keep sourcing good grapes to maintain the quality and value of this cool little wine at Virginia restaurants and retailers.

Current Inventory
Secolo XIV Chianti 2016