Sette Ventiquattro
Italy, Veneto

Setteventiquattro (translated to 24/7) is a sparkling wine developed by the Pasqua family in Verona to pour by the glass in restaurants or sip leisurely at home for an affordable price. It is a fresh, young, easy-to-drink wine, with an appealing package for a young and dynamic target audience.


It’s the perfect bubbly for any social occasion, including a business lunch, weekend brunch with friends, an aperitif with coworkers or a special romantic dinner.


The grapes come from the hills in the province of Trevino, in the land of Prosecco where the soil is mostly a limestone and clay mixture. The Pasquas blend 40% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir and 30% Glera (Prosecco) to make the Setteventiquattro, usually harvesting around mid-September. The resulting spumante is left on the lees for three months to add a touch more richness and complexity before clarification and bottling.

Current Inventory
Sette Ventiquattro Spumante NV (6pk)