United States, California

Claude Koeberle, James Beard Award winner, partner in several Bay area restaurants, former three-star Michelin chef (apprenticed under Paul Bocuse and Alain Chapel) and general bon vivant, along with his mild mannered business partner Don Plumley set out to apply Old World traditions and methodology (along with fanatical devotion to quality) to California winemaking.       The result is a rare set of wines with great verve and finesse that sing with food and have begun finding their place in the hearts of somms all over.

Current Inventory
Soliste Pinot Noir Les Griottes 2012
Soliste Pinot Noir Foret 2012
Soliste Chardonnay L'Age D'Or 2012
Soliste Pinot Noir Sonatera 2012
Soliste Pinot Noir Nouveau Monde 2013
Soliste Syrah Out of the Shadows 2012
Soliste Sauvignon Blanc St. Andelain 2013
Soliste Pinot Noir Les Griottes 2013
Soliste Semillon Arpege NV (6-500ml)
Soliste Rose 2017
Soliste White East of West 2014
Soliste Pinot Noir Narcisse 2015