Italy, Calabria

Statti is the lone Calabrian winery in the Vias Imports portfolio.  We had the opportunity to visit in 2014.  We found that the property has as much to do with olive oil production as wine as there are more than 40,000 olive trees that are each at least 200 years old!


Statti produces wines mostly from indigenous grapes from southwestern Italy.  Gaglioppo is king here, and the winery produces Gaglioppo as well as Lamezia Rosso, which is Gaglioppo blended with Greco Nero and Nerello Capuccino.  The estate also makes several white wines, which include a Greco and Lamezia Bianco, a 50/50 blend of Greco with Malvasia.


Gaglioppo is a wonderful light red wine that matches so well with what Americans eat.  We should be selling more of these wonderful wines!


Statti is part of the Vias Imports portfolio of Italian wines.