Italy, Friuli

Tocco Prosecco is a project that we started in 2003 with Michelangelo Tombacco of I Magredi in the northeastern Italian province of Friuli. It has been wildly successful for us and for the winery, and Tocco can be found in many restaurants and wine shops in Virginia and Washington, DC.


We were familiar with the mass produced, uninteresting Proseccos from the region and were in search of a much higher quality wine for a similar price point. Tocco struck us originally as being a large step above the prevailing Proseccos that came from large producers. To keep it in the family, Michelangelo’s nephew, Tomaso Tadiello joined RVWC for a brief internship a few years ago and keeps in touch while continuing to pursue his wine career with other growers around the world.


Tocco, or “I touch” is made primarily from Glera grapes in Friuli and is recognized by the bold butterfly on the label. With an industry leader like Bisol in our book, we are able to offer Tocco at a slightly lower price point, yet the quality is amazingly high. Tocco offers elegance, finesse, and fruitiness in an impressive balance.

Current Inventory
Tocco Prosecco NV (6pk)