Torre di Luna
Italy, Trentino

The wines under the Torre di Luna brand are made by the Togn family, owners of Lechthaler and Maso Poli.  All the wines are made from grapes in or near the area of Trento, in Trentino in the central Italian Alps. 


Torre di Luna has played an important role in Roanoke Valley’s portfolio for many years, as it has offered super quality for the money.  The grapes that ultimately are fermented into Torre di Luna Pinot Grigio, are from local hillside plantings in the area and are hand-harvested.  That is considerably different that the sea of Pinot Grigio that is grown on flat ground in the Veneto next to the highway! 


Torre di Luna is part of the Vias Imports portfolio of Italian wines.

Current Inventory
Torre di Luna Pinot Grigio 2017