Valle Dell'Acate
Italy, Sicily
Green Status: Organic

Gaetana’s Jacono’s ancestor founded the Valle dell’Acate winery near Vittoria in southeastern Sicily in the late 19th century.  The family later joined with the Ferreri family, and today, Gaetana Jacono and Francesco Ferreri operate the winery together.  Gaetana is energetic, enthusiastic and extroverted and is the face of the winery.   Francesco is more low-key and operates more of the day-to-day “nuts and bolts” of the business, including our day-to-day work with them.


When we asked him why Gaetana seems to be the only face of the operation, he said something about her being a beautiful woman was good for publicity.  Perhaps he is right, but Francesco does play an important role—not only with the VDA winery, but he is also the president of the DOCG for Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico, the only DOCG-designed wine in Sicily.


Valle dell’Acate has been very successful for us, and we adore our direct relationship with the winery.  The indigenous grapes, Nero d’Avola, Inzolia, Grillo, Frappato, all do well in our markets.

Current Inventory
Valle Dell'Acate Il Frappato Nero 2016 (6pk)
Valle Dell'Acate Grillo Zagra 2017 (6pk)
Valle Dell'Acate Nero d'Avola Case Ibidini 2017 (6pk)
Valle Dell'Acate Cerusuolo di Vittoria 2017 (6pk)
Valle Dell'Acate Grillo Zagra 2018 (6pk)