Domaine des Vercheres
France, Burgundy

Domaine des Vercheres is a family domaine located in the northernmost part of the Macon region, just south of the Cotes Chalonaise. Owner Andre Dupuis is now succeeded by his two sons, Remi and Jean-Christophe. The 10-hectare Macon Villages vineyard, in the communes of Mancey and Royer, is planted entirely with Chardonnay on south-east facing slopes at an average altitude of 250 meters. The vines average 30 years of age.


The Chardonnay grapes are quickly pressed in a state-of-the-art pneumatic press, in order to extract all the fruit and aromas while avoiding any bitterness. The juice ferments (using only native yeasts) and is aged entirely in temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks. The wine is assembled and bottled after the malolactic fermentation finishes in the Spring. It is the perfect all-purpose white wine, served chilled but not ice-cold. The Domaine des Vercheres Macon Villages represents outstanding value in Burgundian Chardonnay.

Current Inventory
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