Germany, Mosel

The Dr. F. Weims-Prum estate was one of the founding members of the VDP association of top German wineries.  It sits directly next to the famous J.J. Prum Estate Winery in the village of Wehlen in the Mosel.  Its owner and winemaker is Bert Selbach, the cousin of Manfred Prum next door.


The estate owns pieces of some of the most famous vineyards in the area:  Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Domprobst, Urziger Wurzgarten, Erdener Pralat and Graacher Himmelreich.


The wines reflect the personality of Bert.  They are delicate, complex and understated, but glorious.  They have always been among our favorites. 


Dr. F. Weins-Prum Estate is part of the Rudi Wiest Selections portfolio of top German estates