Nuraghe Crabioni
Italy, Sardinia

Nuraghi Crabioni :


This 85 acre property is located in Sorso, Sardegna. Nuraghe Crabioni takes its name from a nuraghe on the estate, located in an area referred to as Lu Crabioni”. A nuraghe is a conal tower that was widely constructed throughout ancient Sardegna and is considered a unique symbol of the island. Nuraghe Crabioni considers its nuraghe an inspirational landmark that goes hand-in-hand with the winery’s mission to produce high quality wines that express their distinctly Sardinian character.


Founded only in 2003, the winery has tried to combine the long tradition of winemaking in Sardegna with modern winemaking techniques.  The more modern techniques (use of stainless steel, cleanliness, cool fermentation temperatures for whites and temperature control throughout) allow for the wines to retain their exquisite aromas and flavors that might otherwise be lost in the heat of the area and the export process.  The winery produces vermentino (perhaps the finest terroir for this grape in the world) and cannonau.


Nuraghi Crabioni’s agent in the USA is Vias Imports, whom we proudly represent.