Trentadue La Storia
United States, California
Green Status: Sustainable

The Trentadue family, like many immigrant Italian families in California, ended up growing grapes as part of their livelihood in the 19th and 20th centuries.  After being pushed out of the Sunnyvale area by what would become Silicon Valley, Leo Trentadue bought cheap land in rural Alexander Valley and inherited carignan vines that had been planted in the 19th century.  Those same vines are still part of some of the Trentadue cuvees today.


Trentadue began producing bottled wine under their own name in 1969.  They have always delivered value in their wines, a credo that the Trentadues are committed to keeping.


We have had a long relationship with Trentadue.  The Old Patch Red has been one of our best selling wines for many years, but the winery also produces two levels of wines, including the La Storia series of old vine, hand-harvested wines.