Leo Steen
United States, California

Born and raised in Denmark, the son of a chef and hotelier, Leo Hansen grew up with the wine business in his blood.   Many years of travel and restaurant work led to somm certification and a position as Wine Director at Kong Hans, Copenhagen’s first one-star Michelin guide restaurant.   On a scouting trip to California, Leo was smitten, and effectively never left.

He took somm work at night to subsidize days working at wineries and eventually landed at Stuhlmuller, where he took over as winemaker in 2004- the same year he began his own project – Leo Steen.

Leo makes his wines in a garage facility outside Geyserville, production is super limited and leans heavily toward dry, age worthy chenin blanc.

Current Inventory
Leo Steen Chenin Blanc "The Steen" Jurassic Park 2013
Leo Steen Syrah Scala Vineyard 2014
Leo Steen Chenin Blanc Saini Farms 2018
Leo Steen Chenin Blanc "The Steen" Jurassic Park 2016