Argentina, Mendoza
Green Status: Sustainable

From importer Vine Connections:


Luca was born out of Laura Catena’s vision of creating a new breed of Argentine wines: small quantities, artisan quality, and true to their individual terroirs. She is a pioneer in Mendoza for working closely with small growers to grow very high-quality grapes from some of Argentina’s best old-vine, low-yield, high elevation vineyards. Each varietal delivers power along with complexity and finesse. They are the ultimate expression of rigorous vineyard management, viticultural experimentation, strict irrigation controls, skilled winemaking, and a quest for quality at any cost.


Luca is named after Laura Catena’s first son and it symbolizes her love for her family. The family crest that appears on the label belongs to her husband Dan McDermott’s family.

Current Inventory
Luca Malbec Paraje Altamira 2014
Luca Pinot Noir 2013
Luca Chardonnay 2015
Luca Malbec 2015
Luca Malbec 2015 (6-1.5L)
Luca Syrah "Laborde Double Select" 2014
Luca Beso de Dante 2014 (6pk)