Argentina, Mendoza
Green Status: Sustainable

Allamand brand of wines are from Luminis Bodegas & Vinedos in Mendoza, Argentina. Childhood friends Cristian Allamand and Martin Castro have been close friends of ours for many years. Their goal in their business has been to farm only top subregions of Mendoza, selling some of the highest quality wines emerging from Argentina, in a sea of mediocre Malbec.


Argentina, just like many famous wine-growing areas, has regions that produce very high quality and very high priced wine, and regions that produce less distinctive, more budget-friendly wines. There are five high quality regions of Mendoza, but the two highest are Uco Valley, about two hours south of Mendoza, and High Mendoza River, about 12 miles from Mendoza.


Allamand wines all come from the Uco Valley, which is considered the coolest growing region of Mendoza. Uco Valley wines have a more elegant and refined expression of the soil, exposure and climate than others in this subregion. The higher acid, mostly due to the cooler nights, balances the wine with its dark, powerful fruit, but it also allows the wine to match better with food and to age for many years.


Several wines are made from grapes of the Uco Valley under the Allamand name: a Malbec (6,700 cases) made from three vineyards, a Cabernet Sauvignon (2,200 cases) from two vineyards, a single-vineyard Malbec from the Altamira area with tiny yields and production (1200 6-packs) and Allamand “H”, Cristian Allamand’s top wine. The “H” is Cristian Allamand’s “winemaker’s choice” that he chooses to make only in outstanding vintage years. Unrestricted to varietal or vineyard, production of the “H” is minuscule: about 3,300 bottles. 

Current Inventory
Allamand Malbec 2015