Casa Silva
Chile, Colchagua Valley
Green Status: Sustainable

The Silva family‚Äôs ancestor, Emile Bouchon, arrived from Bordeaux to Chile in 1892 and immediately began to plant grapes.  The family began bottling wine under its own name in 1997, and it has been the undisputed leader in quality and know-how almost since that time.


Casa Silva farms five vineyards, four of which are located in the Colchagua Valley, at the far end of the Rapel Valley.  The goal for the winery is to be at the top rung among the mid-and-high end wines of Chile, in Chile and in every export market in the world.


Casa Silva is part of the Vine Connections portfolio of Argentine and Chilean wines, and Japanese sakes.

Current Inventory
Casa Silva Cabernet Sauvignon Los Lingues 2016
Casa Silva Carmenere Colchagua Cuvee 2017